Watching old VHS tape of your mom

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[1920x1080] While cleaning up the garage after your parents moved to a different place, you found an old VHS cassette, that had only written "for Scott' on it. As you had no clue who that may be, you got very curious. How convenient you did not throw that old video system away! You put the cassette in an you almost have a heart attack. It's a cassette of your super busty mom, that she did for her secret lover!!!!!! You of course knew men were crazy about her, but never though she actually would cheat on your dad. As you keep watching, you just completely loose it and start masturbating. Those massive tits that breastfed you, that plump ass and belly...... anyway, this will not be the first time that you would cum thinking of her.....just first time seeing her in sexy lingerie, with tits hanging down.....

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