I am a random girl, with extraordinary 40P natural boobs, that decided to try modeling. I started just in 2018 and my goal was to overcome my big boobs complexes. The warm welcome I received online increased my confidence a lot. Now after just this short time I feel much better about myself and I learned how to see my big boobs not just a burden, but as a gift. Yes, I still have big problems buying clothes for me, but it is much easier now, since I have many great fans that send me stylish clothes, that I could not buy in my country.

Would you like to read how my boobs grew over time? Or what was my first sex like? Come and JOIN my website.

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In my BLOG I post randomly news from my life, with pictures. From my vacations, trips, when I get new clothes or anything. If you are also interested in Lily girl, not just Lily model, you will love this section.

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