Outside in black babydoll - voyeur couple watching?

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Big naughty in public

[GIFT] Before I start modeling, I would never have courage to go outside in public like this. As you know, I had big complexes about my boobs (and actually about my whole body too). All the positive feedback I got online changed my view of myself and this gallery is one of the proof. I took one super sexy babydoll and went to shoot outside. I think the photos came very nicely, me not wearing any make up, all natural. Slight contract with the super sexy lingerie. And actually, I think there was one couple watching me from distance. I thought they were just passing and didn't notice me and I was focusing on shooting and not on them. But then I start looking more often that direction and I think they were hiding in the grass. If I am not mistaken, the woman was even playing with her mans cock. I found the fantasy (or reality?) quite erotic actually...

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