Humiliating babydick fiancee

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---So, I am your Fiancee, your “Future Mrs Smith” my Babydick John! ---I know you love me and want to marry me. ---Do you like my new nursing bra? ---I see your Babydick is very hard now! ---You get very hard seeing your “Future Mrs Smith” in a bra and pantyhose, LOL! ---I’m sure you want me to jerk you off…Perhaps later my Future Husband Babydick John. ---(Angrily) Did I say you could kiss me? ---(Angrily) How dare you press your little Babydick against my pussy! ---So small penis! ---Only African guys with BIG BLACK COCK, 12 inches…three, four times bigger than your little Babydick are allowed to do that! ---(Angrily) Get on your knees and kiss my pussy! ---Yes, I know you love me. ---But before we are married, I need to tell you something, LOL! ---I am a slut for BIG BLACK COCK!

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