Getting revenge on your J-cup girlfriend 4K

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[CUSTOM VIDEO] [3840x2160] I am friends with your girlfriend, she is a busty blonde with J cups, but she has been a bitch, and always teased me about my boobs. We both got into a huge argument, but I've had enough and decide to put her in her place. I walk up to her boyfriend wearing bikini barely covering my chest. I explain what happened. "I was with your girlfriend by the pool when she started yelling and abusing me, you know how she is, so arrogant and bitchy. She has always been mean to me" "I know how much you love huge tits, so I told her that if she didn't stop, I would drive over here and fuck you. After all, she is so much smaller in every way. Her J cups cant compete with my 42Ps" "I told her if she tried to stop me, I'd kick her ass. She can't stop me." "I might even break all her bras while I'm here" I shake my boobs just in front of your face. I squeeze and push them together. "Do you think my tits are better than hers?" I raised my arms and shake my tits from side to side......

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